Equal-opportunity Policy

Mannvit's policy is that full equality shall prevail and that every employee is evaluated on grounds of her/his merit, ensuring the company's human resources being utilized to the best extent possible. Discrimination in any form or shape is prohibited, and the company's policy is to eliminate any such discrimination if it occurs. 

Implementation and scope

This equal-opportunity policy applies to all activities of the company. Management is jointly responsible for the development of equal opportunity in conformity with this policy, whereas the final responsibility is held by the company's executive board. The company's human resource manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy. The human resource manager initiates the updating of information about factors pertaining to equal opportunity issues, and presents annual proposals on a revision of the equal-opportunity policy if deemed necessary.


  • An emphasis is placed on equality and equal opportunity upon recruitment and transfers.
  • Equality shall be maintained regarding responsibilities and employees' participation in task groups and committees under the umbrella of the company.
  • Equal pay and terms shall prevail for comparable jobs.
  • Employees shall have equal access to job education and training.
  • Through flexible working hours, employees shall be enabled to coordinate their work and family life. Management and the human resource manager are jointly responsible for making this option known among the personnel.
  • Sexual harassment and mobbing are not tolerated at Mannvit.

Every employee of Mannvit is evaluated on grounds of her/his merit irrespective of gender, race, age, nationality or religion.