Power Transmission & Distribution


Since 1970, Mannvit has played a major role in the complete preparation, analysis, design, construction management and inspection of energy structures, high voltage transmission lines and distribution systems throughout Iceland. We enjoy an excellent working relationship with the National Power Company of Iceland who has entrusted us with much of the energy infrastructure development of the country.

Company specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in designing power transmission lines and electrical substations, as well as construction management during the installation of overhead transmission lines and underground power cables, and maintenance consultation.

Projects examples:

•    Vatnsfells  245 kV overhead transmission line, total of 10 km
•    Fljótsdals 3&4 - 420 kV overhead transmission line supplying power to the Fjardaal aluminum plant, total distance 110 km
•    Sultartanga 3 - 420 kV overhead transmission line that supplies the Nordural aluminum plant, total distance 130 km

Mannvit provides services in planning, design, tender document writing, contract negotiations, supervision and commissioning for electricity transmission and distribution projects. 

Project examples:
•    245 kV substation for the Nordural aluminum smelter
•    245 kV gas insulated substation at the Burfell hydroelectric power plant
•    Extension of the 245 kV/145 kV substation at Brennimelur
•    245 kV substation at Vatnsfell hydroelectric power plant
•    Shunt capacitors at Hamranes (35 MVAr) and Geithals (100 MVAr) substations
•    72.5 kV substation at Rangarvellir
•    Earthing system design for several substations and power plants
•    Various municipal electricity distribution projects for Reyjavik Energy and others

Currently, Mannvit is working on project design and an environmental impact assessment for the construction of two, 245-kV overhead transmission lines for Landsnet running from the proposed geothermal power plant in North Iceland to an industrial site near the town of Husavik, a total distance of 100 km.

Projects abroad include construction and maintenance consulting for power transmission lines in Greenland.

The company is involved in more than just the design and planning elements of power transmission.  Mannvit is also responsible for the on-site inspection, repair and maintenance of Iceland's 132kV power net, avalanche protection design and studies, environmental impact assessments, feasibility studies and quality control.

 Power Transmission & Distribution

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