Bolungarvik Road Tunnel

The Bolungarvik Tunnel is a 5,3 km long road tunnel located in the fjords of NW-Iceland. One of the main objective was to replace one of Iceland’s most dangerous road which connected two of the largest towns in the area, Ísafjordur and Bolungarvík, and therefore improving road safety. The old road lies along the seashore under the steep and unstable mountain hills of Óshlíd. Other objectives include improved road connections, reduced travel times  so the distance between Ísafjordur and Bolungarvík will be similar as between districts in a city. The tunnel was opened for traffic on July 15th 2010.

Bolungarvik Tunnel details:

  • Tunnel length: 5,3 km
  • Cross section of the tunnel: 54 m2
  • Maximum width of the tunnel: 8,7 m
  • Two-lane highway
  • Number of emergency lay-bys: 10
  • Fill coverage: 460.000 m3

Mannvit services: Tender design, determination of tunnel geometry, rock support, watershielding, pipelines and road contruction inside the tunnel.


Period: 2006-2007

Additional information:

Matthías Loftsson

Section Manager of Geology

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