The Burfell Hydroelectric Power Station is located near the head of the Thorsardalur Valley in South Iceland. It was constructed over a three-year period from 1969 – 72. All of the station’s six turbines were upgraded in 1997-98, which boosted installed power from 210 MW to 270 MW. Trash racks and intake gate equipment were renovated during the years 1996-03.

Technical data:
Client: The National Power Company – Landsvirkjun
Installed capacity: 270 MW
Turbines: 6 Francis units, vertical axis
Gross head: 115 m
Harnessed discharge: 260 m3/s
Burfell Dam: Length 370 m
Headrace tunnel: ø10 m; length 1,564 m
Pressure shaft: 2 shafts, ø5.5 – 6.0 m; length 100 m
Tailrace canal: 250m
Powerhouse L/W/H: 85/19/31 m

Mannvit services:

  • Trash racks and gate equipment
  • Inspection reports and recommendations
  • Design and shop drawings
  • Tender documents and evaluation
  • Purchasing assistance
  • Construction supervision
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Documentation of design, as-built drawings, materials
  • Inspection
  • Testing reports



Hydro Project - Burfell
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