Hydroelectric Power


Mannvit has decades of experience in the development of hydroelectric power, having participated in the preliminary work or construction of most the hydropower plants and dams that have been built in Iceland since 1970.

Our specialists offer a comprehensive suite of hydroelectric design and consulting services including, engineering, EIA, project planning, project management and supervision in all phases of hydroelectric power development including hydroelectric dams, spillways, tunnels, power transmission lines and electrical substations.

Project examples:

Specific company involvement in these hydroelectric projects include: hydropower engineering, civil, structural and mechanical design, feasibility studies, site investigations, cost estimates, contract documents, bid evaluations, environmental impact assessments and reports, project management, project planning and on-site inspections.

Smaller hydropower projects include the Djúpadalsvirkjun Power Plant (1.8 MW), the Múlavirkjun Power Plant (6 MW) as well as the design of a 1.2 MW power plant in Ammassalik, Greenland.

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