Affiliated Companies


  Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers, founded in 1982, is Iceland’s leading consulting firm in the areas of geothermal reservoir engineering, groundwater hydrology, river hydraulics, surface runoff, air pollution and environmental modelling. The development and implementation of numerical simulation models has been an integral part of the company’s business. Vatnaskil’s employees have a strong educational background and extensive experience within the company’s fields of expertise. Vatnaskil has provided specialized consultation for most of the major engineering projects in Iceland as well as for numerous international projects.

Recent projects include: evaluation for the Puga Geothermal Area in NW Himalaya, India; geothermal reservoir modelling in Mauerstetten, Germany, and in Reykjavík, Reykjanes and Theistareykir, Iceland; groundwater simulations in the Reykjavík area, Reykjanes and North East Iceland; surface runoff due to hydropower plant design and operation in Iceland and Greenland; coastal ocean simulations in Hornafjordur and Faxafloi, Iceland; contaminant transport simulations from sewage outlets of most major coastal municipalities in Iceland; sediment transport and deposition in Halslon reservoir, Iceland; dispersion of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from proposed geothermal power stations in the Hengill area and in North East Iceland, including Krafla, Krafla II, Bjarnarflag and Theistareykir; dispersion of pollutants from traffic in Reykjavik and wind erosion calculations on the banks of Halslon reservoir.

Vatnaskil’s specialists have years of experience teaching at the Engineering Department at the University of Iceland, the United Nations University (UNU) Geothermal training program in Iceland, and at various seminars and courses in England in cooperation with its associates at Vatnaskil - Land and Water Resource Consultants in Cambridge.
  LWRC was founded in 1979 and is one of the oldest specialist hydrogeological consultancies in the UK. The company has wide experience in the fields of water resources, water supply, wellfield development, environmental impact and groundwater contamination.  Since 1989 LWRC has worked closely with Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers. In April 2008 LWRC became part of Mannvit and was renamed Vatnaskil Land & Water Resource Consultants Ltd.

The goal of Vatnaskil Land & Water Resource Consultants, backed by Mannvit Engineering, is to provide an effective, first class, comprehensive consulting service to the private water industry, utilities industries, land developers and manufacturing industries with the provision of specialist advice on hydrological, hydrogeological, environmental and associated engineering matters.

Vatnaskil Land & Water Resource Consultants has a very experienced professional staff. Senior staff members have over 20 years practical experience in their field.  Staff members have worked in more than six countries outside the UK.

Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH (GTN) is a German company. GTN's headquarters are in Neubrandenburg but a branch office is located in Unterhaching near Munich. GTN employs 20 specialists and offers a wide range of services and consulting regarding geothermal energy use, geology, drilling engineering, geo-modelling, energy- and hydro-engineering and licensing procedures.

The conception, planning, construction and the long-term smooth operation presuppose the interlinking of energy- and hydrotechnical know-how and geological-geotechnological competence. GTN is in a position to assemble such interdisciplinary teams under one roof. The company is a partner of wide range of clients, i.e. authorities, architects, planners of technical equipments of buildings and research institutions who seek to utilize the potentials of the soil for thermal energy use.

Geothermie Neubrandenburg GmbH (GTN), in Germany cooperates with Mannvit as both companies wish to act both on the German and the international market. Combining German and Icelandic know-how and bringing together their individual capacities will enable GTN to cover a wider spectrum of business activities, in particular the high-enthalpy sector of the rapidly growing geothermal market.

Mannvit channels its projects in the aluminium industry in Iceland and abroad to its subsidiary, HRV Engineering, which specializes in major project developments. HRV Engineering was created by three of Iceland’s largest and most respected engineering firms, Honnun, Rafhonnun (now Mannvit) and VST (now Verkis), in 1996.

HRV Engineering has played a leading role in all three of Iceland’s aluminium smelter plants and currently works on preparations for two new aluminium smelter plants in Helguvik and Husavik. Abroad, HRV Engineering has managed the reform of KUBAL’s aluminium smelter plant in Sweden.

HRV Engineering has the strength, expertise and experience to take on any major project development, anywhere in the world, from concept to reality. The company’s specialists have vast experience in some of the harshest environments on earth which demand precise planning, creativity, experience and dedication.
Founded in 1996, Loftmyndir is a company specializing in cartography and geographical data processing.  Its aim is to develop and maintain a digital geographical database covering the whole of Iceland.  Mannvit owns a 34% share in Loftmyndir.

Loftmyndir’s database is currently the most accurate one in Iceland. It is therefore particularly useful for all planning work, and a large part of the local and master plans now produced in Iceland are based on maps from the company. It is the only entity in the country that owns and operates aerial photography equipment.

The company’s map website,, is open to all for private use. Loftmyndir also operates a map viewer covering the whole of Iceland which is used by many companies, institutions and local authorities.

An example of this can be found on the webpage Loftmyndir produces local maps of popular recreational areas (e.g. in the vicinity of holiday cottages) using aerial photographs with coordinates, and has also published traditional printed maps. It recently unveiled a model of the whole country that is accurate down to the nearest 2 meters, and a basic map of Iceland on a scale of 1:25,000. The company’s flight program in the summer of 2008 went well, with 2,100 new images made which will be used to update the database and produce new aerial map images. Loftmyndir currently employs eight people.

GTN Latin America ("GTN LA") is a geothermal energy consulting firm located in Santiago, offering engineering, consulting, operational and Project Management services in Chile and Latin America. GTN LA provides a unique combination of Engineering and Geology services for the exploration and exploitations of geothermal resources, storage of energy and renewable energy surface solutions.


GTN LA was founded by Fundacion Chile, a non-profit, private corporation with 34 years of experience in driving innovation in Chile, and GTN of Germany. GTN LA's recent Chilean projects  include geothermal heating and cooling systems and geothermal power plant engineering.